New Salesnet Feature: Document Upload Now Live

We’re excited to announce another enhancement to salesnet.nsre.comthe ability to upload comments, documents, and images to respond to new business requests for requirements. This provides an additional option to the current process of emailing us from outside the platform. This update is available for producers and IMO back office staff who have access to their firm’s web reporting data.

Registered users will notice a new column and button next to outstanding requirements with notes in the pending case details view. Details can be accessed in multiple ways on the site by clicking a policy number hyperlink via the dashboard or new business search pages.

Submit a response in a few easy steps:

  1. The “Submit Response” button will appear next to open requirement notes where we’ve asked for new or updated information from you.
  2. Use the button to open an online form that features a comments box and prompt to upload attachments.
  3. Upon submission, “In Review” will appear next to the respective open requirement notes.
  4. Per our standard process, we expect to be able to provide updates within two business days. Any status updates will appear in pending the case details view.

We hope this new feature provides you a streamlined process when resolving new business requirements—saving you time and improving your submission experience. Should you have any questions, we’d be happy to answer them at 1-800-417-4769.


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Anthony LaRosaNew Salesnet Feature: Document Upload Now Live