COVID-19’s Impact on Nassau Operations

Nassau has business resiliency and pandemic plans in place that provide the structure for us to keep our businesses going without interruption during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our customer service center is up and running and continues to provide the best-in-class service you and your clients expect and deserve.

We also continue to process your applications. However, we would like to inform you about a few challenges we are currently experiencing on our life applications, as well as how we are addressing these issues to get your business processed as quickly as possible.

New Producer Contracting & Producer Transfers Between IMO’s

Although the processing of new business for existing producers remains strong, licensing new or transferring existing producers to new IMO’s may experience a delay. When completing background reviews we rely on a vendor to provide the details needed to review and approve an agent appointment. Several states have put restrictions on their employees, which in turn will cause delays in information getting to us, particularly around the criminal/civil portion of the report. As a temporary workaround, we are leveraging other available resources to help complete the background reviews as soon as possible.

Life New Business Underwriting

For the small number of life insurance cases that require an APS, we may experience a delay. We have received notifications from our vendors (e.g. ExamOne, CRL) that various medical facilities are closed in some areas of the United States, thus delaying APS (medical records) retrieval and ultimately underwriting review timeframes. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Please check back here for more updates regarding COVID-19’s impact on our operations.


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Anthony LaRosaCOVID-19’s Impact on Nassau Operations